The Official Voice of Ontario Opticians

The Ontario Opticians Association (OOA) was created as an amalgamation of the Ontario Association of Dispensing Opticians (OADO) with the Ontario Contact Lens association (OCLA). The OADO was first incorporated in 1946. The board of directors of the OOA is comprised of  12 Ontario opticians registered with the College of Opticians of Ontario. Board members are elected for a 3 year term during the annual general meeting held in the spring usually during the Inside Optics professional development and trade show event. From the board of directors an executive committee is appointed which is comprised of President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer.

2016-2017 Executive Committee

President    Martin Lebeau

Vice-President    Tim Schmidt

Secretary-Treasurer    Ted Beaton

Executive Director    Lorne Kashin

  • Reviews and makes recommendations regarding current and proposed legislation of the College of Opticians of Ontario, Ministry of Health of Ontario and any other legislation that affects opticians.
  • Reviews OOA Bylaws and makes recommendations to the board of directors of the OOA.
  • Plans all OOA events ensuring relevant up to date professional learning and trade shows that provide a window into the current products and services available to opticians.
  • Events include Inside Optics, Professional Learning Ottawa, and the OOA Specialty Symposium.
  • Promotion of opticianry as a field
  •  Bringing awareness of who we are and what we do as opticians.
  •  Revamping our current website and social media platforms to better reflect our role as modern eye care professionals
  •  Keeping opticians and the public up to date with current events pertaining to opticianry and continuing education.
  • To help in educating and guiding members on current Standards of Practice.
  • To review the scope of practice of opticians and advocate for any increase in scope of practice that may be required to maintain the relevancy of opticians, both now, and in the future.
  • To help opticians with education and knowledge on specialized practice such as Low Vision, Refraction and Specialty Contact Lenses.

Our Board of Directors

Amina Coovadia

Sophia Ladak

Alex Haddad

Tim Schmidt

Bill Snelgrove

Martin Lebeau

Cara Vezina

Jennifer Wicks

Zully Kasmani

Lorne Kashin
Executive Director

Catherine Labrecque-Rowntree

Support Our Sponsors

It’s through the support of our industry sponsors that the Ontario Opticians Association is able to represent and provide services to Ontario opticians. Be sure to let these companies know you appreciate their support by thanking them and using their products and services.

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