Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Seek Legislation To Ban Scleral Tattoos

The Eye Physicians of Ontario (EPSO), in a submission to the  Standing Committee on General Government, the EPSO asks for the Government of Ontario to ban scleral tattoos.

Ophthalmologists around the world are experiencing increasing numbers of patients with blindness and loss of an eye because of the increasing popularity of eyeball tattooing5,6 . The risky act of tattooing an eye is being performed by untrained individuals who have no knowledge of the eye’s delicate anatomy.


The Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (EPSO) are looking to the Ontario

government to ban the practice of eye tattooing in all communities in Ontario. We

would like to see Ontario be the leader in the creation of this legislation in Canada

to protect the public’s vision and prevent unnecessary cases of blindness. Included

in this creation of legislature would also be the exclusion of implanting eye

jewellery under the conjunctiva which was initially performed only in the

Netherlands but is a growing trend in the USA.7,8.

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