Updated ODSP Information

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The Ministry of Community & Social Services has released new information for opticians claiming ODSP benefits for their clients. The new Q&A document addresses many of the questions asked by opticians regarding the fee schedule which was launched on November 11, 2014. This information can be accessed on the MCSS page of this web site. Opticians are experiencing delays in receiving reimbursement for services provided to ODSP clients since the implementation of the new schedule and process. Gloria Lee of the MCSS states that the Ministry is aware of these delays in and is working to alleviate the backlog.

“Also, we would like to apologize for the delay some of your members have been

experiencing awaiting payment for items and services delivered to ODSP

recipients. Please note that the Ministry is dedicated to reducing the current

delay. To avoid mail delays, we have been encouraging service providers to

setup electronic payment transfer with Ontario Shared Services, if they have not

done so already.”

– Gloria Lee, Director, Ontario Disability Support Program

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August 2015- Updated ODSP Vision Claim Information

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