Love Your Eyes- Spread the Word by Lorne Kashin

We’ve reported about the Love Your Eyes Campaign in previous editions of the OOA Newsletter but until I participated in the Toronto event and had been at all the national meetings at which the decisions were made to go ahead with the project – even I couldn’t visualize how it would work.  I am absolutely bowled over!!  The object of the exercise is to bring an eye-popping focus to Opticians and what they do.  And how to you catch the attention of the public?  It’s got to be jazzy.  It’s got to be fun and it’s got to get them involved.  Imagine this…a wall of small boxes piled together to form a sort of projection screen.  The images cast on the screen are of drawings of stick figures and objects.  The ‘player’ stands in front of the screen on a special mat and his/her image is superimposed on the cartoon images.  When a new cartoon appears, the player can strike another pose.

LicensedOpticianAlso Visit the Licensed Optician Website to see how the wall/screen was built.  While there you can Meet Optician Karim Asaria describing his passion for the profession.  There are lots of folks out there attempting to keep us from growing our skills.  The good news is the Opticians Council of Canada, through their Licensed Optician project is trying to elevate our public image and increase awareness.  You can do your part by making use of the tools they’ve developed for you.

Take care of yourself and your profession through participation.  You deserve it!

LYE TO team

Of course there was a team of Opticians from firms that had signed on to participate proudly wearing the large “Ask Me!  I’m a Licensed Optician” name tags.  What a great opportunity to schmooz with the public, to explain who we are and what we do.   As each player finished his/her turn he/she was allowed to take away one of the gift boxes that formed the screen.

If you have not seen the promotional video you can watch it on the Internet at the web address below and why not post it on your website or forward it to opticians you know.

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